2D-ws Agenda



8:30 Registration & Breakfast 
9:00 AMWelcome Remarks
Ali Javey, Tsu-Jae King Liu, Jeffrey Neaton, Michael Bartl
9:30General Aspects of 2D Semiconductors 
 “2D Semiconductors: From Science to Technology”Ali Javey 
 “Theory of Electronic and Optical Properties of 2D Semiconductors”Steve Louie 
 “Materials Project for Accelerated Materials Design”Kristin Persson 
 “Advanced Large Scale Manufacturing of 2D Semiconductors”Zak Al Balushi 
 “Optical Characterization and Metrology of 2D Materials”Joel Ager 
11:10Advanced Fabrication and Materials Characterization Capabilities 
 “Patterning using High-NA EUV Lithography at Berkeley Lab”Bruno LaFontaine 
 “In Operando Electronic Structure Characterization of 2D Materials using nanoARPES”Eli Rotenberg 
 “Strain and Defects in 2D Materials Measured with Transmission Electron Microscopy”Mary Scott 
 “Advances in Scanning Transmission Electron Microscopy to Image Complex Phenomena in 2D Materials”Peter Ercius 
 “Protecting and Controlling Quasiparticle Excitations in 2-D Materials by Atomic Scale Defect Engineering”Alex Weber-Bargioni 
 “Synthesis and Multimodal Characterization of Electrons and Excitons in 2D Materials and Their Heterostructures”Archana Raja 
12:30Poster Session & Lunch 
14:00Panel: Industry Insights on Research Needs for 2D Semiconductors
Panelists: Ashish Penumatcha (Intel), Minsu Seol (Samsung), Milan Pesic (Applied Materials), Dennis Lin (IMEC), Bill En (AMD)Ali Javey 
15:40Unique Properties of 2D Materials 
 “Engineering Electronic Band Structure in Nanographenes”Felix Fischer 
 “Device and Characterization of 2D Semiconductors”Feng Wang 
 “Van der Waals Interface Strengths”Daryl Chrzan 
 “Thermal Conduction and Point Defects in 2D Materials”Junqiao Wu 
 “Manipulating Ferroic Responses in 2D Materials”Jie Yao 
16:45Industry Perspectives on 2D Semiconductors 
 “Towards Wafer-Scale MX2 Device Pathfinder Platform”Dennis Lin 
 “Research Needs for 2D Semiconductors”Iuliana Radu 
17:30Concluding RemarksAli Javey