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Bruno LaFontaine


Senior Scientist and Director, Center for X-Ray Optics

Dr. Bruno LaFontaine is a Senior Scientist at LBNL and Director of the Center for X-Ray Optics. During his career, which spans over 30 years, he has been involved in pioneering technology development work on Extreme Ultraviolet (or EUV) lithography, as well as research in a number of areas related to the application of high-power lasers.

After receiving his Ph.D. in plasma physics from INRS near Montreal in Canada, he started his career as a postdoc at Bell Labs, then as a research scientist at Lawrence Livermore Lab, before accepting a position as professor of physics at INRS.

In 2000, he returned to the US to join the semiconductor industry, first at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD), where he was a fellow before moving to Cymer and then ASML. He is a fellow of SPIE and is an inventor of over 40 US and international patents, as well as being an author of more than 130 papers.