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Iuliana Radu


Deputy Director, Exploratory Materials and Devices, Corporate Research

Dr. Iuliana P. Radu joined TSMC’s Corporate Research in October 2021 where she leads activities in Exploratory Materials and Devices. Prior to joining TSMC, Iuliana was with imec in Belgium where she founded the Quantum Computing and the Beyond CMOS programs in 2017 and 2013 respectively. Prior to establishing the Beyond CMOS program at imec in 2013, she was a Marie Curie and FWO fellow at KU Leuven and imec. Iuliana holds a Ph.D. in Physics from MIT. She has been an author on over 200 papers in leading peer-reviewed journals and conferences. Her research interests range from transistors with new channels materials use of ferroelectrics, cryo-CMOS and enabling quantum computing.