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Amirmahdi Honardoost

Postdoctoral Researcher

Research Advisor: Prof. Ming Wu

BETR Research Thrust: Photonics and Optical Interconnects


Amirmahdi Honardoost received a Ph.D. degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida UCF, Orlando, FL, in May 2020. During his Ph.D. studies at UCF, he was with the CREOL, the College of Optics and Photonics, as a graduate research assistant in Prof. Sasan Fathpour’s IPES group, working on design, fabrication, and characterization of photonic integrated circuits focusing on thin-film lithium niobate devices such as electro-optic modulators, and second-order nonlinear optical frequency converters. From May to August 2019, he was with the imec USA, as a photonics research intern. In May 2020, he joined Prof. Ming Wu’s IPL group, in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at the University of California, Berkeley, as a postdoctoral scholar where he is currently working on large-scale MEMS-based silicon photonic optical switches.


Our group has previously developed a new architecture suitable for building large-scale MEMS-based silicon photonics optical switches with fast response time. Switches with the scale of 240×240 were demonstrated using our new architecture consisting of an in-plane optical crossbar network with MEMS-actuated couplers implemented on a silicon photonics platform. Increasing the integration level up to 1000×1000 switches and beyond can result in a significant overall optical loss. In a new project we are aiming to develop low-loss switch units in order to address the aforementioned issue by replacing the in-plane optical crossbar network with a double layer structure via wafer bonding method.

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