Carol Baumbauer open



Carol Baumbauer

Graduate Student

Research Advisor: Prof. Ana Arias

BETR Research Thrust: Printed and Flexible Electronics


Carol graduated from Montana State University in 2017 with degrees in Electrical Engineering and French. Her undergraduate research focused on the fabrication of optical nano structures. She joined the Arias Research group at UC Berkeley, and in 2019 she earned her Masters in EECS for her work on printed RFID antennas and flexible hybrid electronics. She is currently working on biodegradable sensors for agriculture, and is interested in expanding her work in environmental sensors.


Precision agriculture enables efficient production of crops by allowing farmers to tailor inputs such as water and fertilizer to the specific needs of each part of a field. We are developing a wireless network of distributed, inexpensive, biodegradable soil moisture and soil nitrate sensors to provide valuable data to inform precision irrigation and fertilization. Specifically, I am working on adapting nitrate sensors for use in soil, and creating biodegradable antennas for wireless data communication in and around soil and plant canopies.

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