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Erik Anderson

Graduate Student

Research Advisor: Prof. Vladimir Stojanovic

BETR Research Thrust: System Integration


Erik received his Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering from Northwest Nazarene University in 2016, and his M.S. from Columbia University in 2018. He is currently pursuing a PhD at UC Berkeley under Professor Vladimir Stojanovic. His research interests include the design of integrated systems containing electronic, photonic, and MEMS structures.


Large-scale distributed computing is limited by the latency and throughput of traditional electronic packet switches (EPSs). Optical circuit switches (OCSs) provide an energy efficient method to circumvent the bandwidth and latency limitations of EPS networks. Silicon-Photonic (SiPh) MEMS-based OCSs have been shown to offer a scalable and low-latency approach compared to other integrated and non-integrated OCSs. Yet to be realized, however, is the electrical control and digital interface required for integrating these MEMS SiPh chips into an application environment. My research focuses on the design and integration of these high-voltage ICs for high-radix SiPh MEMS OCSs.

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