Panagiotis Zarkos open



Panagiotis Zarkos

Graduate Student

Research Advisor: Prof. Vladimir Stojanovic

BETR Research Thrust: System Integration


Panagiotis received his Diploma in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the National Technical University of Athens in 2015, and his M.S. from UC Berkeley in 2019. He is currently pursuing a PhD degree at UC Berkeley under Professor Vladimir Stojanovic. His research interests include the design of analog/mixed-signal ICs, biomedical sensors and electronic-photonic integrated systems. He is currently focusing on power and area efficient electronic-photonic ultrasound imaging SoCs for endoscopic, PoC and photoacoustic applications, and he has previously worked on all-digital frequency synthesis techniques for his M.S. thesis. 


Next generation 3-D endoscopic ultrasound imaging requires high sensor density and ultra-low power consumption per sensing element, to ensure maximum lateral resolution and SNR are achieved without violating safety regulations regarding probe heat-up inside the body. At the same time, the low amplitude and wide spectral content of photoacoustically generated pressure waves necessitates the use of high sensitivity, high BW detectors. To meet these specifications, our research focuses on architecting Electronic-Photonic Systems-on-Chip with highly sensitive, ultra-low power and size micro-ring resonator (MRRs) optical sensors in their core. 

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